Some tips to help you choose shoes for your child

If you have a baby, you know how challenging it might be to choose baby clothes. However, you should not forget that baby shoes are not created equal either. In this article, we will provide you with the most essential information that will help you to select the most comfortable shoes for your baby.

The first rule that should always guide you is that the lighter the shoes are – the better. Just imagine yourself wearing heavy boots. It is not comfortable even for a grown-up person. With a child, the situation is aggravated by the fact that he or she is only starting to make the first steps. It is difficult for your baby to move, having heavy and clunky shoes on.

The second thing to take into account is your child’s most frequent activities at his or her stage of development. The shoes that you choose should answer your baby’s major needs. For example, kids who already try to walk need different shoes from babies that do not walk yet.

Third, your task is to find a perfect balance between flexibility and stability. Some parents believe that the looser the model is, the easier it is for the baby to wear it. You should not mix lightness with looseness. Too loose shoes will not hold feet properly, which will make it more challenging for the child to walk. At the same time, you opt for too stiff materials and designs, your baby is likely to feel pain. So, do not fall into extremes.

Forth, comfort should be your priority. No matter how cute the shoes you like might look, if they are not comfortable to wear, you do not need them. Moreover, they should be comfortable not only for the child but also for you. For example, if shoes are difficult to put on and take off, you will spend a lot of time dressing and undressing your baby, which can be quite irritating.

Pay attention to the materials. It is much better to select natural leather because plastic can make feet sweat and create sores.

Soles of babies’ shoes should be flexibly and not slippery. Try a simple test: if the toe of the shoe bends easily up about 40 degrees, they are fine. You also should take shoes with good traction to make sure that your baby is kept well on his or her feet. Slippery shoes will result in lot of falls.

Padding matters a great deal. Of course, as we have already mentioned, baby should ensure good support, but at the same time be padded around the ankles, on the heel backs, and on the bottom inside.

Closure of babies’ shoes should be extra secure. No matter if the shoes you are going to buy are fastened with Velcro, snaps, or laces, the key rule is that you should be able to fix them easily while your baby should not be able to take them off without your assistance. Opt for models that offer reliable closures.

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